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My name is Marcia Lucas.


I am a director, producer, journalist, singer, inventor and president of Plan-A Film Entertainment and Production Company LLC and CEO of Marcia Lucas Films LLC, as well as the mother of six wonderful children.

My greatest passion is promoting human welfare. My key skills that I can bring to the table are in strategic communication and my proven-journalistic talents. I have proven my character as a philanthropist over the past 30 years. My university studies are in Greek, communications and art.  I


hosted Lift Up, a very successful talk show which aired in three states. I spent eight years in retail in one of the most successful retailing businesses in the region.

My philanthropy and entrepreneurial skills have not even peaked yet. I have invested many years in promoting human welfare, for which I was presented many awards and honors; from governors to the deans of universities to congress, for my work in this field.


In my inner-workings of the government setting, my many meetings with highly-skilled and talented people within the premises of many other personalities, from which I have learned from and grown by their accomplishments and mistakes.









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